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The Audio Adventurebook of Big Dan Frater Vol.1

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From the mind of cult film director LARRY BLAMIRE comes the comic audio adventures of Big Dan Frater conveniently titled THE AUDIO ADVENTUREBOOK OF BIG DAN FRATER Volume 1.  Thrill to the escapades of our beloved trio - Big Dan Frater, Dutch "the Swede" Anacrombie and Millie Healey, town librarian - as our  three hapless heroes tackle terrors and come to the rescue of the citizens of New Garden Hope City and beyond!  Each episode is 10 to 15 minutes in length and are fully produced in high quality stereo sound.  

Fun for the whole family, THE AUDIO ADVENTUREBOOK OF BIG DAN FRATER Volume 1 is weird and quirky enough to proudly brandish the BLAMIRE stamp.

 Available on both iTunes and Amazon (and other outlets soon), Sorry, Right Number will be sold as an individual track with all five sold as a complete comedy album with extra special exclusive bonus material that is not only extra special, but is also exclusive.  

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The Audio Adventurebook of Big Dan Frater Volume 1 currently has 5 episodes with special bonus material.  Hear all of them and their surprising guest stars. 


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